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~ Warm Welcome  ~

Welcome to the Freedom Pond Moonworks home. Here you'll find information about my doula services, the classes offered, my art, and a whole lot more.

Please accept this invite to pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and have a look around.


Mothers' Moon  (with the doula practice at the heart)  home visits are of course frequent for my mamas & good friends, but also don't forget that home delivery or a preview of just about any product that you see here is also available to everyone within a "reasonable traveling distance" from Freedom....or you may wish to schedule a tea or class!   Storyteller Moon  (the art and theater part of things) travels all over of course!


The attraction to these moon names somewhat explained:  The moon, in many cultures, is thought to be a feminine force, with it’s twenty-eight day cycle around the earth controlling the tides of the ocean and women’s menstrual flow. Women have long gathered to celebrate themselves and their connection to the phases of the moon, often beneath a full moon….which is said to 
represent fertility. In my own experience, time spent beneath the full moon by myself or with others is always very centering, peaceful, renewing & inspiring…. especially as it reflects over the water here at Freedom Pond. So the art that I was doing at the time we moved here in 1996, the herbal blends I made, the beeswax candles I dipped, the women’s gatherings, and all that sprang forth from me, I half jokingly called “Freedom Pond Moon-works“... long before I had any ideas of having a business.   Here I wanted the women’s full moon gatherings to be like food for the soul, with each month being another celebration of the small or grand changes of the seasons and of our lives.   There are names to each month’s particular moon, and though you've probably heard of the “Harvest Moon”, there are others, and we try to observe them each in our own ways. We honored  a very special full May moon one year, called the “Mothers Moon”  And I thought that was just so beautiful, it became the phrase I took for my doula support, and labeled my related products as such. When the publishing company I sold books for, Barefoot Books, released a new title in 2003 I Took The Moon for a Walk  I created an event around it, and Barefoot On the Moon was the theme for the day...but it came back to me through another reference later, and is now the main focus of "The Storytellers' Books", my traveling book business.  Storyteller Moon evolved out of so many wonderous ideas and creations, and it just seems to make sense.  These three 'moons'...  all part of who I am.


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