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Mothers Moon Cloth Menstrual Pads

Many women are embracing their "moon time" as a beautiful part of their woman hood, and there are many ways to celebrate it. One way is by using cloth menstural pads.  Other reasons for making cloth pads part of your monthly ritual are the same for why you cloth diaper... they are more economical, they are better for the environment, and they are much healthier for you than disposable!

Mothers Moon is proud to offer:
Mama-made Hemp & Cotton Pads 





and All Natural Mama Cloth & Diaper Wash 

Made with baking soda, lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, this formula has natural antiseptic, germicidal, antibacterial, and fungicidal properties. Soak your cloth pads overnight, and add one tablespoon to a small load of wash, or two tablespoons to a larger load of wash. Hot wash/cold rinse.   Each bag is just over one pound.


other Mothers Moon products for moontime










Women have always used nature’s material to absorb their blood - such as wool, soft grass, feathers or moss - and afterwards it was returned to the earth.  In the Nordic countries, women of the countryside did not use any protection at all, and in the snow you could follow the trace of a menstruating woman. Her blood showed that she was a healthy woman. In several traditions womens menstrual blood has been considered keeping magic or healing powers, and was used in ceremonies and medicine. The attitude towards menstruation in old traditions all over the world, has been as a natural but extraordinary state, closely linked to womens creative and spiritual powers. During paleolithic times, womens bleeding powers were worshipped as sacred.  We should understand the connection our old grandmothers recognized between menstruation and the moon-cycle. The moon shifts from waning to waxing thirteen times every year, as many times as a woman menstruated. In some North-American native tribes, a young woman’s first menstruation is greeted with joy, and is met with a big feast for the whole village. The young woman is taught by elder women about sex and health and about spiritual aspects of menstruation. She receive gifts and is called ”carrier of Life”. Initiation ceremonies like this are found among people all over the world. They are ways of living that expressed the whole society’s respect and appreciation for the menstruating woman, and the strengthening sisterhood between women.



First Moon Celebration Gift


"Once I started using them instead of disposables, my cramps and PMS symptoms virtually disappeared. I wish I would have found them sooner, like 10 years ago." - Jamie





- comforting herbal packs 
- nurishing herbal tea
- maiden celebration jewelry:  custom made by Mothers Moon 

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