Freedom Pond Moonworks


available at Mothers Moon and Storyteller Moon events
and on-line at:  and



Spiral Goddess Herbal Pack

also available in blue square with purple goddess

$12 each


Bunny Herbal Pack

also available in green circle

 with brown bunny

$12 each


Pregnant Mama Herbal Pack

other pregnant mama designs also available

$12 each





 Felt Pouches

for holding your:
* crystals or stones
* herbs
* small wishes
* totems
& more!


Peace Banner
(indoor use only)




Felt Friends

 ...for quiet play
…or a pocket companion
…or add a safety pin & wear!
bears, butterflies, hearts, birds, fish, cars
 2" high


Buttoned Pouches


Star Wands
on applewood




Felt Crowns/Headbands
$12 each


infant shirts



sea glass

$5 - $10


mini belly casts

starting at $6


please click here to visit the jewelry page


Herbal Hot/Cold Packs



Hand-dyed Silks





A few thoughts on Quilts:
 I think there may not be anything more cozy than a home-made quilt. The first one I ever made was for my son, in celebration of a special ceremony we had when he took his first steps out in the winter snow.  It was made from infant clothes he had outgrown, and other sentimental fabric from his first months.  Something about making that quilt... stitching together the stories and memories in each block, the weight of it across my legs when the nights were chilly and I was doing hand-work on it as he slept nestled beside me...made me feel content.  When that one was done I made him another, and another, and another...
And something else beautiful happened, when other people began to find stories of their own in my quilts... the sunflowers reminding them of an uncle's farm when they were little, a certain purple patch reminding them of a sunset they saw on their honeymoon, and so many other stories. I think quiltmaking is "comfort art"

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