Freedom Pond Moonworks

Theatrical Tutoring


Being not fond of the term 'drama coach', we perfer to think of what we offer as more of a  'Performing Arts Refinement' 


One on One :  We will support and guide students or adults, preparing for auditions or performances for stage.  Focus will be on vocal and body expression for acting styles, character development, and personality projection; as well as further focus on enunciation, diction, and voice development, through voice exercises, speech drills, explanation, lectures, and improvisation.  May also discuss wardrobe, grooming, lighting, props, and other means of either enhancement, or diminishing distraction*  'First Impressions' Fee $25   Subsequent Hourly Rate  $50


Full Cast : We will critique a performance in production and make educated suggestions for improvement in blocking, lighting, props, costuming, scenery. Consulting Fee $100  Subsequent Hourly Rate $50



*If you are already in a production these will not change as per your director's decisions. If you disagree with your director's notes, on these points or any acting points, you must discuss this directly with your director. We will not alter another director's vision without being clearly asked to do so by that director personally...what we will do is help you better understand what it is they require of you, and then guide you towards that goal.

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