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Mothers Moon handcrafted all natural soaps

Mothers Moon Soap  is available in various scents & healing properties.  These soaps are made with a base of oils of olive & coconut, with some also containing soybean oil, or goats milk.  Essential oils and fresh or dried organic herbs & spices may be added. Some soaps contain honey, and some even have fruit or veggies!   Bars are typically five ounces.  $6 each

Mothers Baby Moon Soap  is made with oils of olive & coconut infused with calendula, essential oil of lavender, organic chamomile flowers, & honey.  Available as  five ounce bars for $7  or in three ounce bars for  $4 each

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The first batch of soap I ever made was in honor of my son's first birthday, as I wanted to give my friends who  came to his celebration something special they could take home with them. The soap was made from my own breastmilk, during that "Mothers Moon" that May, and wrapped on the full “Blessing” Moon of July...which happened to fall upon my son’s birthday that year.  I called it Mothers Moon Milk-Soap. Everyone liked it so much, I started making other soaps for other occasions, adding herbs & oils and making different blends. A good friend put a few bars in her shop, and when they sold a business was born!  Other crafts and products I slowly added on a little bit at a time. (more on the handcrafts page)

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