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Trust Birth


Trust Birth is an organization dedicated to telling the truth about childbirth.

Meetings are held once a month in my home to discuss topics such as the safety of unassisted births, homebirth, hospital birth, interventions, induction, etc.

On-line discussions can also be scheduled upon



*Women CAN birth babies! *Our bodies know how to get babies out *Babies don't need to be rescued from their moms! *Moms don't need to be rescued from their babies! *Birth is safe, interventions are risky *Women are programmed to give birth. *We as women need to take back our births!*


Did you know that the cesearean rate in the United States is higher than anywhere else? Mostly because alot of doctors now dont have the patience to wait for babies...they say there's an easier, less painful way and its perfectly safe... but its not. Birth is painful, no doubt! But it is how it was meant to be. A cesearean is far more painful because of the huge scar across your abdomen. Many complications occur due to blood loss, medications, anesthesia and low self esteem. Most interventions that we are programmed to believe are necessary really are not. 

 Trust your body, your body will know when it is time to give birth. It may take a long time, but it is well worth it.


Trust your body, Trust your birth.

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